Milford, NY
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Milford

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Ranky Tanky Milford Sep 23 Ranky Tanky
Quiana Parler Milford Sep 23 Quiana Parler
Space Carnival Milford Sep 28 Space Carnival, Desmond Jones
A Will Away Milford Sep 29 A Will Away, Modern Chemistry, Table Talk
Nate Gross Music Milford Sep 29 Nate Gross Music
Table Talk Milford Sep 29 Table Talk, A Will Away, Modern Chemistry and 1 more...
Gratefully Yours Milford Sep 30 Gratefully Yours
Nate Gross Music Milford Oct 01 Nate Gross Music
Space Carnival Milford Oct 06 Space Carnival
EARTH  Black Sabbath Tribute Band Milford Oct 07 EARTH Black Sabbath Tribute Band
Tambourelli & Her SuperTrips Milford Oct 07 Tambourelli & Her SuperTrips
Bess Greenberg Milford Oct 07 Bess Greenberg
Grit N Grace Milford Oct 07 Grit N Grace, Grit N Grace
Nate Gross Music Milford Oct 08 Nate Gross Music
Cooperstown Summer Music Festival Milford Oct 08 Cooperstown Summer Music Festival
Lula Wiles Milford Oct 08 Lula Wiles, Hanneke Cassel, Ari & Mia
Hanneke Cassel Milford Oct 08 Hanneke Cassel, Ariel Friedman, Christopher Lewis
Nathan Kalish Milford Oct 08 Nathan Kalish
Nathan Kalish Milford Oct 10 Nathan Kalish
Michael Sarian Milford Oct 12 Michael Sarian