Midland, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Midland

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Jaron Midland Sep 26 Jaron
The Vidos Midland Sep 27 The Vidos, Aviator Shades
Aviator Shades Midland Sep 27 Aviator Shades
Danielle Knibbe Midland Sep 29 Danielle Knibbe
Jon Knight & Soulstack Midland Sep 30 Jon Knight & Soulstack, Soulstack
Charlotte and The Dirty Cowboys Midland Sep 30 Charlotte and The Dirty Cowboys
DJ Fisher Pryce Midland Sep 30 DJ Fisher Pryce
ᗬᕢᕓᕧ ᗹᘢᒺᕠᘘᗬ Midland Sep 30 ᗬᕢᕓᕧ ᗹᘢᒺᕠᘘᗬ, Soule Food
Chantal Preston Midland Oct 01 Chantal Preston
Jacquie Gauthier Midland Oct 02 Jacquie Gauthier
Andy Kim Midland Oct 06 Andy Kim
Chantal Preston Midland Oct 06 Chantal Preston
Megan Anne Midland Oct 07 Megan Anne
The Rip Nancies Midland Oct 07 The Rip Nancies
Austin McCarthy Music Midland Oct 07 Austin McCarthy Music
Sarah MacDougall Midland Oct 07 Sarah MacDougall, Tiz McNamara
Honeymoon Suite Midland Oct 07 Honeymoon Suite
The coyote kids Midland Oct 07 The coyote kids
Ryan Montbleau Midland Oct 08 Ryan Montbleau, Martin Sexton
Benjamin Dakota Rogers Midland Oct 08 Benjamin Dakota Rogers