Middleburg, PA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Billy Kelly Middleburg Sep 26 Billy Kelly
Shaun Abbott Middleburg Sep 27 Shaun Abbott
Billy Kelly Middleburg Sep 27 Billy Kelly
Sink In Middleburg Sep 28 Sink In, American Arson
American Arson Middleburg Sep 28 American Arson, Sink In, A New Day Rises and 1 more...
A New Day Rises Middleburg Sep 28 A New Day Rises
Shaun Abbott Middleburg Sep 28 Shaun Abbott
LUV GODS Middleburg Sep 29 LUV GODS
Robbie Fulks Middleburg Sep 29 Robbie Fulks
Shaun Abbott Middleburg Sep 29 Shaun Abbott
The Amish Outlaws Middleburg Sep 30 The Amish Outlaws
Hannah Richardson Middleburg Sep 30 Hannah Richardson
Shaun Abbott Middleburg Sep 30 Shaun Abbott
Anna & Elizabeth Middleburg Oct 04 Anna & Elizabeth, The Bucknell Camerata
LUV GODS Middleburg Oct 05 LUV GODS
Eilen Jewell Middleburg Oct 06 Eilen Jewell
Adam Yarger Middleburg Oct 07 Adam Yarger
LUV GODS Middleburg Oct 07 LUV GODS
Jeffrey Gaines Middleburg Oct 07 Jeffrey Gaines