Miami, OK
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Miami

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Leah Marie Miami Oct 19 Leah Marie
Trace Adkins Miami Oct 19 Trace Adkins
Lucas Gates Miami Oct 20 Lucas Gates
Mayday by Midnight Miami Oct 20 Mayday by Midnight
Route 358 Miami Oct 22 Route 358
Eddy Clearwater Miami Oct 22 Eddy Clearwater
The Bel Airs Miami Oct 22 The Bel Airs, Eddy Clearwater
BlameShift Miami Oct 27 BlameShift, BlameShift
Eddie Valen Band Miami Oct 27 Eddie Valen Band
Boston Mountain Playboys Miami Oct 27 Boston Mountain Playboys
Failing Minnesota Miami Oct 27 Failing Minnesota, Ruby Wrath and the Rebel Hearts
Mary-Heather and the Sinners Miami Oct 27 Mary-Heather and the Sinners
The Nearly Deads Miami Oct 27 The Nearly Deads, BlameShift
Selah Miami Oct 28 Selah
Jason Crabb Miami Oct 28 Jason Crabb, Selah
Disco Dick Miami Oct 28 Disco Dick
the Mirrorballs Miami Oct 28 the Mirrorballs
Matthew Clinkenbeard Miami Oct 28 Matthew Clinkenbeard
Steven Malcolm Miami Oct 29 Steven Malcolm
Anthem Lights Miami Oct 29 Anthem Lights, Sadie Robertson, Hollyn