Metter, GA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Josh Johansson Music Metter Sep 21 Josh Johansson Music
The Southpaw Band Metter Sep 21 The Southpaw Band
Cyril Durant Metter Sep 22 Cyril Durant, Cyril Durant, Daniel Kushnir
Groove Fetish Metter Sep 23 Groove Fetish
Darrell & Dawn Ritchie Metter Sep 24 Darrell & Dawn Ritchie
Hedonistas Metter Sep 29 Hedonistas
Heartfelt Quartet Metter Sep 30 Heartfelt Quartet, Heartfelt Quartet
The Southpaw Band Metter Sep 30 The Southpaw Band
The Morning Watch Metter Sep 30 The Morning Watch
John Waller Metter Sep 30 John Waller
Georgia Southern Eagles Football Metter Oct 04 Georgia Southern Eagles Football
Arkansas State Red Wolves Football Metter Oct 04 Arkansas State Red Wolves Football
The Mammoths Metter Oct 04 The Mammoths
Cyril Durant Metter Oct 06 Cyril Durant
Trea Landon Metter Oct 07 Trea Landon
Heartfelt Quartet Metter Oct 07 Heartfelt Quartet, Heartfelt Quartet
Kween and NuExperiance Metter Oct 07 Kween and NuExperiance
The Southpaw Band Metter Oct 07 The Southpaw Band
Tom Goss Metter Oct 07 Tom Goss, Tom Goss, Heather Mae
Heather Mae Metter Oct 07 Heather Mae, Tom Goss