Mediapolis, IA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Mediapolis

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Jef Spradley Mediapolis Nov 19 Jef Spradley
Eric Pettit Lion Mediapolis Nov 22 Eric Pettit Lion, Brian Johannesen, Shame Maker
Sean Costanza Mediapolis Nov 22 Sean Costanza
Cody Hicks Mediapolis Nov 24 Cody Hicks
The Unemployed Architects fanpage Mediapolis Nov 24 The Unemployed Architects fanpage
Beth Lee and the Breakups Mediapolis Nov 30 Beth Lee and the Breakups
Madd Hoss Jackson Mediapolis Dec 02 Madd Hoss Jackson
Taking Back Emo Mediapolis Dec 02 Taking Back Emo
Mark Olson Mediapolis Dec 07 Mark Olson
Jewel Mediapolis Dec 09 Jewel
Diana Upton-Hill Mediapolis Dec 14 Diana Upton-Hill
Boy Band Review Chicago Mediapolis Jan 06, 2018 Boy Band Review Chicago
Circus No.9 Mediapolis Jan 12, 2018 Circus No.9
Circus No.9 Mediapolis Jan 13, 2018 Circus No.9
Monica Bell Mediapolis Jan 13, 2018 Monica Bell
Dan Hubbard Mediapolis Jan 20, 2018 Dan Hubbard
Hungrytown Mediapolis Aug 03, 2018 Hungrytown
Madd Hoss Jackson Mediapolis Aug 10, 2018 Madd Hoss Jackson