Medford, OR
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Sole Pursuit Medford Nov 19 The Sole Pursuit, The Sole Pursuit, The Trep Agency
The Trep Agency Medford Nov 19 The Trep Agency
The Anima Effect Medford Nov 19 The Anima Effect
Late for the Train Medford Nov 20 Late for the Train
Erisy Watt Medford Nov 25 Erisy Watt
David Hohme Medford Nov 25 David Hohme
The Thirsting Medford Nov 26 The Thirsting
Tolan Shaw Medford Nov 29 Tolan Shaw, Sister Speak , Swift Pony
Eric Leadbetter Music Medford Nov 30 Eric Leadbetter Music
Scott Guberman Medford Nov 30 Scott Guberman
Stubborn Son Medford Nov 30 Stubborn Son
The Thirsting Medford Dec 01 The Thirsting
Tope Medford Dec 01 Tope
Sharkmouth Medford Dec 01 Sharkmouth
Eric Leadbetter Music Medford Dec 01 Eric Leadbetter Music
World's Finest Medford Dec 01 World's Finest
Rogue Valley Chorale Medford Dec 02 Rogue Valley Chorale
Rogue Valley Chorale Medford Dec 03 Rogue Valley Chorale
The Del McCoury Band Medford Dec 03 The Del McCoury Band
Nikki Hill Medford Dec 06 Nikki Hill