Mcrae, GA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Swearingen and Kelli Mcrae Sep 22 Swearingen and Kelli
Tyler Brent Mcrae Sep 23 Tyler Brent
Tyler Brent Mcrae Sep 24 Tyler Brent
Noah Cleveland Mcrae Oct 01 Noah Cleveland
Inheritance Mcrae Oct 08 Inheritance
Darrell & Dawn Ritchie Mcrae Oct 08 Darrell & Dawn Ritchie
Inheritance Mcrae Oct 09 Inheritance
Inheritance Mcrae Oct 10 Inheritance
Inheritance Mcrae Oct 11 Inheritance
Andrew Combs Mcrae Oct 12 Andrew Combs
Heartfelt Quartet Mcrae Oct 13 Heartfelt Quartet, Heartfelt Quartet, Jordan's River and 3 more...
Trace Adkins Mcrae Oct 14 Trace Adkins
Scarlet Fade Mcrae Oct 21 Scarlet Fade
Perkins Revival Music Mcrae Oct 29 Perkins Revival Music
Darrell & Dawn Ritchie Mcrae Nov 05 Darrell & Dawn Ritchie
Doug Stone Mcrae Nov 09 Doug Stone
Megan Fowler Mcrae Nov 09 Megan Fowler, Doug Stone
Gold City Quartet Mcrae Nov 25 Gold City Quartet
The Perrys Mcrae Jan 20, 2018 The Perrys
The LeFevre Quartet Mcrae Jan 20, 2018 The LeFevre Quartet