Mala, Sweden
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Original Five Mala Aug 16 The Original Five
Anton Magnusson Mala Aug 16 Anton Magnusson
Katarina Alfredsson Mala Aug 16 Katarina Alfredsson
Marcus Ander Andersson Mala Aug 16 Marcus Ander Andersson
Hampus Algotsson Mala Aug 16 Hampus Algotsson
Sandra Ilar Mala Aug 16 Sandra Ilar
Hannes Pettersson Mala Aug 16 Hannes Pettersson
Elisa Lindström Mala Aug 17 Elisa Lindström
Elisa Lindström Mala Aug 18 Elisa Lindström
Elisa Lindström Mala Aug 19 Elisa Lindström
WhoMadeWho Mala Aug 19 WhoMadeWho
Föreläsning Erik Niva Mala Aug 24 Föreläsning Erik Niva
Superswede Mala Aug 24 Superswede
Skånska Jakt Mala Aug 26 Skånska Jakt
Mikael Milano Mala Aug 26 Mikael Milano
Åshöjdens BK Mala Aug 26 Åshöjdens BK
Trubadurduon Wenger & Leion Mala Aug 26 Trubadurduon Wenger & Leion, Wenger & Leion
Leion Mala Aug 26 Leion
Johanna Jingnert Mala Aug 26 Johanna Jingnert, Johanna Jingnert
Bara Jonson and Free Mala Aug 26 Bara Jonson and Free