Mafra, Brazil
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Bombers Mafra Sep 01 The Bombers
Rejects S.A. Mafra Sep 01 Rejects S.A., Ódio Mensal, Aparelho and 2 more...
Psychowave Live Mafra Sep 06 Psychowave Live
Stereo Plug Mafra Sep 07 Stereo Plug
JulianoGama DJ Mafra Sep 07 JulianoGama DJ
Rejects S.A. Mafra Sep 08 Rejects S.A., The Big Pink, Rejects S/A and 2 more...
Ital Mafra Sep 09 Ital
3030 Mafra Sep 15 3030
Psychowave Live Mafra Oct 11 Psychowave Live
Pragmatix Mafra Oct 12 Pragmatix
DJ Guto Mafra Nov 02 DJ Guto
Psychowave Live Mafra Nov 03 Psychowave Live
Banda The Four Horsemen - Metallica Cover Mafra Nov 11 Banda The Four Horsemen - Metallica Cover
Psicodália Mafra Feb 09, 2018 Psicodália