Luverne, AL
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Luverne

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Michael Kelsey Luverne Sep 28 Michael Kelsey
Riley Green Luverne Sep 28 Riley Green
The Rose Ensemble Luverne Oct 02 The Rose Ensemble
Maria Schafer  Luverne Oct 05 Maria Schafer , The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, Brad Black Music
Day Three Luverne Oct 15 Day Three
Karen Mills Luverne Oct 26 Karen Mills
Robert Cowan Luverne Nov 09 Robert Cowan
-Solo Piano Luverne Nov 09 -Solo Piano
Shelia Jackson andHoliday Concert Luverne Dec 01 Shelia Jackson andHoliday Concert
The Keffers Luverne Jan 28, 2018 The Keffers
Laura Story Music Luverne Feb 09, 2018 Laura Story Music
Laura Story Music Luverne Feb 10, 2018 Laura Story Music
The Heart Behind the Music Luverne Feb 10, 2018 The Heart Behind the Music
Linda Davis Luverne Feb 10, 2018 Linda Davis, Teddy Gentry, Marty Raybon
Teddy Gentry Luverne Feb 10, 2018 Teddy Gentry
Marty Raybon Luverne Feb 10, 2018 Marty Raybon
Summit Trace Luverne Mar 10, 2018 Summit Trace
Summit Trace Luverne Mar 11, 2018 Summit Trace