Luquillo, PR
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Luquillo

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Leonardo Osuna Sosa Luquillo Sep 21 Leonardo Osuna Sosa, Lila Espiral
PhaseOne Luquillo Sep 22 PhaseOne, Borgore, FuntCase and 1 more...
Richard Peña Music Luquillo Sep 22 Richard Peña Music
aLmaS BAND Luquillo Sep 22 aLmaS BAND
Tiëstolive Luquillo Sep 23 Tiëstolive
Wolves Can Riot - WCRT Luquillo Sep 23 Wolves Can Riot - WCRT
Ricky Laureano Luquillo Sep 28 Ricky Laureano
aLmaS BAND Luquillo Sep 29 aLmaS BAND
Pato Banton Luquillo Sep 30 Pato Banton, Pato Banton
D-Unity Luquillo Sep 30 D-Unity
Insomnium Luquillo Sep 30 Insomnium
Supernova (IT) Luquillo Sep 30 Supernova (IT)
Piélago Luquillo Oct 06 Piélago
Lee Curtiss Luquillo Oct 06 Lee Curtiss
Russ Yallop Luquillo Oct 13 Russ Yallop
Ricky Laureano Luquillo Oct 14 Ricky Laureano
Ricky Laureano Luquillo Oct 15 Ricky Laureano
Baby Shakes Luquillo Oct 20 Baby Shakes, Ardillas, Los Vigilantes and 2 more...
Marco Resmann Luquillo Oct 20 Marco Resmann
Caramelos de Cianuro Luquillo Oct 21 Caramelos de Cianuro