Lugano, Switzerland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Lugano

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Justin Garcia Lugano Oct 20 Justin Garcia
Edwin One Man Band Lugano Oct 20 Edwin One Man Band
Christopher Paul Stelling Lugano Oct 20 Christopher Paul Stelling
Marco Bianchi, vibraphone Lugano Oct 20 Marco Bianchi, vibraphone
There Will Be Blood Lugano Oct 20 There Will Be Blood
Matteo Prefumo Lugano Oct 20 Matteo Prefumo, Marco Panascia
Ananda Mida Lugano Oct 20 Ananda Mida
Hell's Crows Lugano Oct 20 Hell's Crows
Matteo Magni Lugano Oct 20 Matteo Magni
Max Pezzali Tribute Lugano Oct 20 Max Pezzali Tribute
Cani Sciolti Lugano Oct 20 Cani Sciolti
The Lethal Idols Lugano Oct 20 The Lethal Idols
Bang Bang Vegas Lugano Oct 20 Bang Bang Vegas
New Jersey Lugano Oct 20 New Jersey
Today Is the Day Lugano Oct 21 Today Is the Day
Andrea Manzoni Lugano Oct 21 Andrea Manzoni
Muzz Murray Lugano Oct 21 Muzz Murray
Book'n'Roll Concerti Lugano Oct 21 Book'n'Roll Concerti
Exilia Lugano Oct 21 Exilia
Other Side - The Doors tribute band Lugano Oct 21 Other Side - The Doors tribute band