Lucca, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Marino Marini Lucca Sep 20 Marino Marini
Marino Marini Lucca Sep 21 Marino Marini
La Polvere Lucca Sep 21 La Polvere, La Polvere, CANOVA
Gilda beach Lucca Sep 21 Gilda beach
Akua Keta Club Lucca Sep 21 Akua Keta Club
Marino Marini Lucca Sep 22 Marino Marini
Willy Marano Lucca Sep 22 Willy Marano, Dj osso
Palmer Generator Lucca Sep 22 Palmer Generator, Marlon Brando, Lord Elephant
Gilda beach Lucca Sep 22 Gilda beach
Nicola Barghi Lucca Sep 23 Nicola Barghi
Marino Marini Lucca Sep 23 Marino Marini
Massi ISX Official Lucca Sep 23 Massi ISX Official
The Struts Lucca Sep 23 The Struts, The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones Lucca Sep 23 The Rolling Stones
The End Men Lucca Sep 23 The End Men
R  Y  F Lucca Sep 23 R Y F
Gilda beach Lucca Sep 23 Gilda beach
Akua Keta Club Lucca Sep 23 Akua Keta Club
Massive Rock & Scaltromix Lucca Sep 23 Massive Rock & Scaltromix