Louisa, KY
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Bobaflex Louisa Dec 15 Bobaflex
Facing Fire Louisa Dec 15 Facing Fire
Sins of the Fathers Louisa Dec 15 Sins of the Fathers
Kings Hollow Louisa Dec 15 Kings Hollow
Downtrend Louisa Dec 15 Downtrend
Sean Knisely Louisa Dec 15 Sean Knisely, Patrick Stanley
Sean Whiting Louisa Dec 16 Sean Whiting, Laid Back Country Picker, Wayne Graham
Larry Pancake Louisa Dec 16 Larry Pancake
Mosh for Tots Louisa Dec 16 Mosh for Tots
"Hunks Louisa Dec 16 "Hunks
Render the Hearts Louisa Dec 17 Render the Hearts
Thirsty Ear Open Mic Night Louisa Dec 20 Thirsty Ear Open Mic Night
Huntington Blues Society Presents Louisa Dec 20 Huntington Blues Society Presents
Old School VS New School Louisa Dec 21 Old School VS New School
Sometime Somewhere Louisa Dec 21 Sometime Somewhere
No Pretty Pictures Louisa Dec 21 No Pretty Pictures
Youth Louisa Dec 21 Youth
Tim Browning & The Widowmakers Louisa Dec 22 Tim Browning & The Widowmakers
Cumberland Louisa Dec 22 Cumberland
Friendly Fire Louisa Dec 22 Friendly Fire