Logansport, IN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Challenged by Greatness Logansport Nov 24 Challenged by Greatness, BME, NRC and 3 more...
Dfyance Logansport Dec 02 Dfyance
Still Breathing Fest Logansport Dec 02 Still Breathing Fest
Cami Shrock Ministries Logansport Dec 06 Cami Shrock Ministries
Kyle Bledsoe Logansport Dec 09 Kyle Bledsoe
The Pummels Logansport Dec 15 The Pummels
The Protest Logansport Dec 16 The Protest
Great White Logansport Dec 31 Great White
Kyle Bledsoe Logansport Dec 31 Kyle Bledsoe
The Veer Union Logansport Jan 11, 2018 The Veer Union
Mike Lee Music Logansport Feb 16, 2018 Mike Lee Music
Mike Lee Music Logansport Feb 17, 2018 Mike Lee Music
Harpeth Rising Logansport Feb 23, 2018 Harpeth Rising
10 Talents  /   Give Your Talents Logansport Feb 25, 2018 10 Talents / Give Your Talents, 10 Talents / Give Your Talents
Ted Yoder Logansport Apr 10, 2018 Ted Yoder
Kick Logansport Apr 14, 2018 Kick
KICK: The INXS Experience Logansport Apr 14, 2018 KICK: The INXS Experience
The Kramers Logansport Apr 29, 2018 The Kramers
Disciple Logansport Jun 16, 2018 Disciple