Lodz, Poland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Lemiszewski Lodz Nov 18 Lemiszewski
maZut Lodz Nov 18 maZut
FOQL Lodz Nov 18 FOQL
VTSS Lodz Nov 18 VTSS
Mgla100 Lodz Nov 18 Mgla100
Dzuma Lodz Nov 18 Dzuma
Natalia Przybysz Lodz Nov 18 Natalia Przybysz
DJ Roko Lodz Nov 18 DJ Roko
Sound'n'Grace Lodz Nov 19 Sound'n'Grace
Grzegorz Turnau: Lodz Nov 19 Grzegorz Turnau:
Lords of the Sound Lodz Nov 19 Lords of the Sound
Bovska Lodz Nov 19 Bovska
Nick Schnebelen Band Lodz Nov 20 Nick Schnebelen Band, Nick Schnebelen, Cliff Moore and 1 more...
Harlem Gospel Choir Lodz Nov 21 Harlem Gospel Choir
Artur Tuznik Lodz Nov 22 Artur Tuznik
Łona i Webber Lodz Nov 23 Łona i Webber
Happysad Lodz Nov 24 Happysad
Terrific Sunday Lodz Nov 24 Terrific Sunday, Happysad, Sonbird
Pola Rise Lodz Nov 24 Pola Rise