Lodi, OH
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Lodi

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Jeff Klemm & The Letters Lodi Sep 22 Jeff Klemm & The Letters
Donny Brewer Lodi Sep 22 Donny Brewer
The Railsplitters Lodi Sep 22 The Railsplitters
Mike Binder and Priscilla Acoustic Duo Lodi Sep 22 Mike Binder and Priscilla Acoustic Duo
Tom Brady Entertainment Lodi Sep 22 Tom Brady Entertainment, WTF
WTF (Official) Lodi Sep 22 WTF (Official), WTF
Old skool Lodi Sep 22 Old skool
Lonesome Meadow Lodi Sep 23 Lonesome Meadow
Eric Butler Acoustic Lodi Sep 23 Eric Butler Acoustic
The Gage Brothers Lodi Sep 23 The Gage Brothers
Sean Watkins Lodi Sep 23 Sean Watkins, Tim O'Brien, Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones
Granicus Rocks Lodi Sep 23 Granicus Rocks
Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys Lodi Sep 23 Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys
Cleveland's Breakfast Club Band Lodi Sep 23 Cleveland's Breakfast Club Band
Tim O'Brien Lodi Sep 23 Tim O'Brien
The Hot City Symphony Lodi Sep 23 The Hot City Symphony
Come Undone Lodi Sep 23 Come Undone
TRUNK RIDE Lodi Sep 23 TRUNK RIDE, Inducing Panic
Lonesome Meadow Lodi Sep 24 Lonesome Meadow
Cleveland's Breakfast Club Band Lodi Sep 24 Cleveland's Breakfast Club Band