Listowel, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Bruce Cockburn Listowel Sep 26 Bruce Cockburn
Robbie G Listowel Sep 27 Robbie G
Danny Michel Listowel Sep 28 Danny Michel
Long Range Hustle Listowel Sep 28 Long Range Hustle, Flowers For Daniel, Run Maggie Run
Rob Szabo Listowel Sep 28 Rob Szabo
Alysha Brilla Album Party Listowel Sep 28 Alysha Brilla Album Party
The Brilltones Listowel Sep 28 The Brilltones
Janice Jo Lee Listowel Sep 28 Janice Jo Lee
Blake Fly Listowel Sep 29 Blake Fly
Protest the Hero Listowel Sep 29 Protest the Hero
Earth's Yellow Sun Listowel Sep 29 Earth's Yellow Sun
The Frame Defect Listowel Sep 29 The Frame Defect
Benjamin Deschamps at The Jazz Room Listowel Sep 29 Benjamin Deschamps at The Jazz Room
Red Handed Denial Listowel Sep 29 Red Handed Denial, Protest the Hero, Earth's Yellow Sun and 1 more...
Alysha Brilla Listowel Sep 29 Alysha Brilla
Black Pussy Listowel Sep 29 Black Pussy
The Lovegoods Listowel Sep 30 The Lovegoods
Heather Bambrick at The Jazz Room Listowel Sep 30 Heather Bambrick at The Jazz Room
Brooklyn Doran Music Listowel Oct 05 Brooklyn Doran Music
RoadWolves Listowel Oct 06 RoadWolves