Lisbon, IA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Lisbon

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Comedy Open Mic w Lisbon Dec 13 Comedy Open Mic w
Noah Innis Lisbon Dec 13 Noah Innis
Austin Mooney Lisbon Dec 13 Austin Mooney
DIY Raw Lisbon Dec 14 DIY Raw
Vegan Chocolates for the Holidays Lisbon Dec 14 Vegan Chocolates for the Holidays
Dan Tedesco Lisbon Dec 14 Dan Tedesco
Underground Open Mic Lisbon Dec 14 Underground Open Mic
Free Jam Session Lisbon Dec 14 Free Jam Session
Copper Children Lisbon Dec 14 Copper Children
Trash Wizard Lisbon Dec 14 Trash Wizard
Solar Flare Sunset Lisbon Dec 14 Solar Flare Sunset
Winter Spotlight Showcase Lisbon Dec 15 Winter Spotlight Showcase
Dustin Prinz Music Lisbon Dec 15 Dustin Prinz Music
Irish Christmas In America Lisbon Dec 15 Irish Christmas In America
Kevin McCaffrey Lisbon Dec 15 Kevin McCaffrey
The Heartland Bombshells Lisbon Dec 15 The Heartland Bombshells
Jake Gill Lisbon Dec 15 Jake Gill
Soulshake Lisbon Dec 15 Soulshake
Commanders Lisbon Dec 15 Commanders
Good Habits Lisbon Dec 15 Good Habits