Lewiston, ID
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Josh Shpak Lewiston Sep 23 Josh Shpak
Bobaflex Lewiston Sep 23 Bobaflex, Beitthemeans
Beitthemeans Lewiston Sep 23 Beitthemeans, Bobaflex
Washington State  Cougars Football Lewiston Sep 29 Washington State Cougars Football
USC Trojans Football Lewiston Sep 29 USC Trojans Football
USC Trojans Lewiston Sep 29 USC Trojans
Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Lewiston Sep 29 Wooden Indian Burial Ground.
Rudy Francisco Lewiston Sep 30 Rudy Francisco
Delta G Bottleneck Blues Lewiston Sep 30 Delta G Bottleneck Blues
Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Lewiston Sep 30 Wooden Indian Burial Ground.
Lia Menaker Lewiston Oct 01 Lia Menaker
Blackbear Lewiston Oct 05 Blackbear
Colby Acuff Music Lewiston Oct 06 Colby Acuff Music
Cosmos the Band Lewiston Oct 07 Cosmos the Band
Roselit Bone Lewiston Oct 07 Roselit Bone
Chris Staples Lewiston Oct 07 Chris Staples, Built to Spill, Cataldo
LANDRACE Lewiston Oct 07 LANDRACE, Built to Spill, LANDRACE and 26 more...
Rusty Jackson Music Lewiston Oct 07 Rusty Jackson Music
Holiday Friends Lewiston Oct 07 Holiday Friends
Holiday Lewiston Oct 07 Holiday