Letterkenny, Ireland
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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Gary Gamble Letterkenny Sep 21 Gary Gamble, Caitlin Murtagh, Ritchie Remo MUSIC and 5 more...
Louise Morrissey Music Letterkenny Sep 21 Louise Morrissey Music
Junior J Letterkenny Sep 21 Junior J, + support
Brendan Mc Cahey Music Letterkenny Sep 22 Brendan Mc Cahey Music
Christopher Paul Stelling Letterkenny Sep 25 Christopher Paul Stelling
Barry Kirwan Music Letterkenny Sep 27 Barry Kirwan Music
Catch22 Letterkenny Sep 29 Catch22
Megan O'Neill Letterkenny Sep 30 Megan O'Neill
Twisted Ninja Letterkenny Sep 30 Twisted Ninja
Derek Ryan Letterkenny Oct 07 Derek Ryan
DJ ALLI B Letterkenny Oct 07 DJ ALLI B
The Good The Bad Letterkenny Oct 13 The Good The Bad
the Funky Letterkenny Oct 13 the Funky
The 4 of Us Letterkenny Oct 14 The 4 of Us
Ruaile Buaile Letterkenny Oct 14 Ruaile Buaile
Paul Carrack Letterkenny Oct 20 Paul Carrack
John Blek Letterkenny Oct 20 John Blek
Chris Wood Letterkenny Oct 20 Chris Wood
Barry Kirwan Music Letterkenny Oct 20 Barry Kirwan Music
Con Jovi Letterkenny Oct 21 Con Jovi