Leesville, SC
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Leesville

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
theSurrendering Leesville Sep 29 theSurrendering
GENTRI Leesville Sep 29 GENTRI
Anybody's Guess Leesville Sep 29 Anybody's Guess
Ryan Hutchens Leesville Sep 29 Ryan Hutchens, Ryan Hutchens
Black Glass Leesville Sep 29 Black Glass
Roy and Revelation Leesville Sep 30 Roy and Revelation
Interstate Exiles Leesville Sep 30 Interstate Exiles
Summit Trace Leesville Oct 01 Summit Trace
Jewlz Brown Leesville Oct 04 Jewlz Brown
The Return Leesville Oct 06 The Return
Anybody's Guess Leesville Oct 06 Anybody's Guess
Sweet Tea Trio Leesville Oct 07 Sweet Tea Trio
Anybody's Guess Leesville Oct 07 Anybody's Guess
Brendan Roberts Leesville Oct 07 Brendan Roberts
Music of Alex Davis Leesville Oct 08 Music of Alex Davis, Music of Alex Davis
Chonda Pierce Leesville Oct 12 Chonda Pierce
Karyn Williams Leesville Oct 12 Karyn Williams
Karyn Williams Music Leesville Oct 12 Karyn Williams Music
Bowlin Ministries Leesville Oct 13 Bowlin Ministries
Anybody's Guess Leesville Oct 13 Anybody's Guess