Lech, Austria
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Green Target Lech Aug 19 Green Target
Avior Lech Aug 19 Avior, Endru, Avior
Tawnee Lech Aug 19 Tawnee
Life of Agony Lech Aug 20 Life of Agony
Diablo Blvd. Lech Aug 20 Diablo Blvd.
Oceans Ate Alaska Lech Aug 22 Oceans Ate Alaska, August Burns Red
Suffocation Lech Aug 22 Suffocation
Aversions Crown Lech Aug 22 Aversions Crown
August Burns Red Lech Aug 22 August Burns Red
Arosa Kultur 2017 Lech Aug 23 Arosa Kultur 2017
die wohngemeinschaft Lech Aug 24 die wohngemeinschaft
DJ Kayce Lech Aug 24 DJ Kayce
Farewell Dear Ghost Lech Aug 25 Farewell Dear Ghost
Jonas F Kaufmann Lech Aug 25 Jonas F Kaufmann
Ivan S. Lech Aug 25 Ivan S.
Hudaki Village Band Lech Aug 26 Hudaki Village Band
HHanoi Lech Aug 26 HHanoi
DJ O-Dee Lech Aug 26 DJ O-Dee
geschlossene VAS Lech Aug 29 geschlossene VAS
Die Zauberflöte Lech Aug 29 Die Zauberflöte