Lathrop, MO
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Keaton Conrad Lathrop Sep 29 Keaton Conrad, Late Nite Cavalry, Adam Scott York and 1 more...
Fast Times Lathrop Sep 29 Fast Times, Fast Times
The Gospelaires Lathrop Sep 30 The Gospelaires
Minor Rewind Lathrop Sep 30 Minor Rewind
9th Hour Lathrop Sep 30 9th Hour
Wade D. Brown Lathrop Sep 30 Wade D. Brown
Club 949 Disco Ball Lathrop Sep 30 Club 949 Disco Ball
Club 949 Disco Ball ft Lathrop Sep 30 Club 949 Disco Ball ft
Clint Black Lathrop Sep 30 Clint Black
Titanium Blue Lathrop Sep 30 Titanium Blue
DJ Nick Niemeier Lathrop Sep 30 DJ Nick Niemeier
The Gospelaires Lathrop Oct 01 The Gospelaires
Pageant Boys Lathrop Oct 04 Pageant Boys
Kaleo Lathrop Oct 04 Kaleo, ZZ Ward, Wilder
ZZ Ward Lathrop Oct 04 ZZ Ward, Kaleo
Wilder Lathrop Oct 04 Wilder
Ultimate Blue Corner Battles Lathrop Oct 06 Ultimate Blue Corner Battles
America Lathrop Oct 07 America
Phil & Pam Morgan Lathrop Oct 08 Phil & Pam Morgan
As We Are Lathrop Oct 08 As We Are, 70xForgiven