Lakeside, OH
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Lakeside

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Safety Squad Lakeside Oct 20 Safety Squad
Joe Robinson Lakeside Oct 21 Joe Robinson
Billy Morris Sunset Strip Lakeside Oct 21 Billy Morris Sunset Strip, Billy Morris Sunset Strip
Russett Burbank and Heartsick Lakeside Oct 27 Russett Burbank and Heartsick
T.B.M.A. Lakeside Oct 27 T.B.M.A.
David Costa Lakeside Oct 27 David Costa
BORN Lakeside Oct 27 BORN
H.A.I. Lakeside Oct 27 H.A.I.
and more!!!! Lakeside Oct 27 and more!!!!
Boogie Boo Halloween Festival Lakeside Oct 27 Boogie Boo Halloween Festival
Heartsick U.S. Lakeside Oct 27 Heartsick U.S.
Vibe & Direct Lakeside Oct 27 Vibe & Direct
Boogie Boo Halloween Festival Lakeside Oct 28 Boogie Boo Halloween Festival
Michelle Romary & Friends Lakeside Oct 28 Michelle Romary & Friends, Michelle Romary Trio
Jeff Stevens Lakeside Oct 28 Jeff Stevens, The Van-Dells
Late Model Lakeside Oct 28 Late Model
Sound Bar Halloween Bash 2017 Lakeside Oct 28 Sound Bar Halloween Bash 2017
DJ Raaaaandy Lakeside Oct 28 DJ Raaaaandy
Keith Anderson Lakeside Nov 04 Keith Anderson
Frank Vieira Lakeside Nov 11 Frank Vieira