Laie, HI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Laie

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Aja Gample Laie Nov 18 Aja Gample
Saturday Pro-Am Round Robin Laie Nov 18 Saturday Pro-Am Round Robin
Mike Izon Music Laie Nov 18 Mike Izon Music
Kristi Krause Laie Nov 18 Kristi Krause
Keiko Matsui Laie Nov 18 Keiko Matsui
Oceans Deep Laie Nov 18 Oceans Deep
Punk Rock Karaoke Laie Nov 18 Punk Rock Karaoke
MIDPAC5 Deep Water Laie Nov 18 MIDPAC5 Deep Water
Ja Rule Laie Nov 18 Ja Rule
Ashanti Laie Nov 18 Ashanti
HIP 11 Laie Nov 18 HIP 11
The Hydrolites Laie Nov 18 The Hydrolites
Louden Swain Laie Nov 18 Louden Swain, Louden Swain
Keola Beamer Laie Nov 18 Keola Beamer
Billy Moran Laie Nov 18 Billy Moran
Courtside Box es Laie Nov 19 Courtside Box es
2017 Hawaii Open Laie Nov 19 2017 Hawaii Open
Keola Beamer Laie Nov 19 Keola Beamer
Jo Koy Laie Nov 19 Jo Koy
Blayne Asing Laie Nov 19 Blayne Asing