Ladysmith, Canada
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Hollerado Ladysmith Sep 21 Hollerado
Chris Ho Ladysmith Sep 21 Chris Ho
The Straight Razors Ladysmith Sep 22 The Straight Razors, The Greenlights
Compassion Gorilla Ladysmith Sep 22 Compassion Gorilla
Shari Ulrich Ladysmith Sep 23 Shari Ulrich
Compassion Gorilla Ladysmith Sep 23 Compassion Gorilla
Winnie Brave Ladysmith Sep 27 Winnie Brave
Winnie Brave Ladysmith Sep 28 Winnie Brave
PIGS: Canada's Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute Ladysmith Sep 29 PIGS: Canada's Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute
Winnie Brave Ladysmith Sep 29 Winnie Brave
Emotionz Ladysmith Sep 29 Emotionz
Ambush Army Ladysmith Sep 29 Ambush Army
All Above Me Ladysmith Sep 30 All Above Me
West My Friend Ladysmith Oct 01 West My Friend
Compassion Gorilla Ladysmith Oct 05 Compassion Gorilla
Compassion Gorilla Ladysmith Oct 06 Compassion Gorilla
Informants Ladysmith Oct 07 Informants
Wise Youngblood Ladysmith Oct 07 Wise Youngblood
Rococode Ladysmith Oct 07 Rococode, LABS, IsKwé
Informants Ladysmith Oct 08 Informants