Laax, Switzerland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Laax

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Arosa Kultur 2017 Laax Aug 22 Arosa Kultur 2017
Arosa Kultur 2017 Laax Aug 23 Arosa Kultur 2017
White Dog Suicide Laax Aug 25 White Dog Suicide
Saint City Orchestra Laax Aug 25 Saint City Orchestra
Mando Diao Laax Aug 25 Mando Diao
The Konincks Laax Aug 25 The Konincks
The Three Sum Laax Aug 25 The Three Sum
Daxsinger Laax Aug 26 Daxsinger
The Beauty of Gemina Laax Aug 26 The Beauty of Gemina
Arosa Kultur 2017 Laax Aug 26 Arosa Kultur 2017
Eclecta Laax Aug 26 Eclecta
NoFuture (CH) Laax Aug 26 NoFuture (CH)
ÜBERMENSCH (Rammstein Tribute Band) Laax Aug 26 ÜBERMENSCH (Rammstein Tribute Band)
Arosa Kultur 2017 Laax Aug 29 Arosa Kultur 2017
The Steepwater Band Laax Sep 01 The Steepwater Band
Katey Brooks Laax Sep 02 Katey Brooks
Smack Laax Sep 02 Smack
DJ Dynam Laax Sep 02 DJ Dynam
Daxsinger Laax Sep 03 Daxsinger