Kobe, Japan
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Kobe

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
After the Burial Kobe Sep 25 After the Burial
Endless SHOCK Kobe Sep 26 Endless SHOCK
Battle Beast Kobe Sep 26 Battle Beast
Gyze Kobe Sep 26 Gyze, Battle Beast
Endless SHOCK Kobe Sep 27 Endless SHOCK
Soichiro Yamauchi Kobe Sep 27 Soichiro Yamauchi
And Summer Club Kobe Sep 27 And Summer Club, Nice to meet you, LOS OXXO SEXOS and 2 more...
Endless SHOCK Kobe Sep 28 Endless SHOCK
No Limited Spiral Kobe Sep 28 No Limited Spiral, Serenity In Murder, Shade Empire and 1 more...
Jake Shimabukuro Kobe Sep 28 Jake Shimabukuro
Tangel Trio Kobe Sep 28 Tangel Trio
Tangel Trio Kobe Sep 29 Tangel Trio
Bouquet de TAKARAZUKA Kobe Sep 29 Bouquet de TAKARAZUKA
Endless SHOCK Kobe Sep 29 Endless SHOCK
Meet Me Saturday Kobe Sep 29 Meet Me Saturday, Meet Me Saturday
Bouquet de TAKARAZUKA Kobe Sep 30 Bouquet de TAKARAZUKA
Endless SHOCK Kobe Sep 30 Endless SHOCK
I Am the Door Kobe Sep 30 I Am the Door
Oliver Heldens Kobe Sep 30 Oliver Heldens