Knox, IN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Knox

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Dina Bach Music Knox Dec 10 Dina Bach Music, Classical Blast
The Snyders Knox Dec 12 The Snyders
'17 Christmas Concert Knox Dec 15 '17 Christmas Concert
'17 The Gift Knox Dec 15 '17 The Gift
Profound Revival Knox Dec 15 Profound Revival
stop.drop.rewind Knox Dec 15 stop.drop.rewind
Roy McGrath Quartet ! Knox Dec 15 Roy McGrath Quartet !
Roy Mcgrath Quartet ! at Merrimans' Playhouse Knox Dec 15 Roy Mcgrath Quartet ! at Merrimans' Playhouse
Recycle The Day Knox Dec 16 Recycle The Day
Lazer Lloyd Knox Dec 17 Lazer Lloyd
After Ours Knox Dec 18 After Ours, After Ours
Chris Kang Music Knox Dec 21 Chris Kang Music, Chris Kang
Robert Rolfe Feddersen Knox Dec 22 Robert Rolfe Feddersen
Checkmark Sallie Knox Dec 22 Checkmark Sallie
Fragile Soul (US) Knox Dec 22 Fragile Soul (US)
The Moonshine Crooners Knox Dec 23 The Moonshine Crooners
Kennedy's Kitchen Knox Dec 23 Kennedy's Kitchen
Chris Kang Music Knox Dec 29 Chris Kang Music
Earphorik Knox Dec 29 Earphorik
Groovement Knox Dec 30 Groovement