Knob Noster, MO
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Knob Noster

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Lindley Creek Bluegrass Knob Noster Sep 22 Lindley Creek Bluegrass
VersaEmerge El Salvador Knob Noster Sep 22 VersaEmerge El Salvador
Degrave Knob Noster Sep 22 Degrave, Prometheus, Cauldron Point and 1 more...
Mudflap Mafia Knob Noster Sep 23 Mudflap Mafia
Scario Andreddi Knob Noster Sep 23 Scario Andreddi
Katy Guillen Knob Noster Sep 23 Katy Guillen
The Girls Knob Noster Sep 23 The Girls
Phil & Pam Morgan Knob Noster Sep 24 Phil & Pam Morgan
Jesse Keith Whitley Knob Noster Sep 24 Jesse Keith Whitley, Dion Pride
Dion Pride Knob Noster Sep 24 Dion Pride
Scotch Hollow Knob Noster Sep 24 Scotch Hollow
Humphrey-McKeown Knob Noster Sep 29 Humphrey-McKeown
Betse & Clarke Knob Noster Sep 29 Betse & Clarke
Lee Fields & The Expressions Knob Noster Sep 29 Lee Fields & The Expressions
Rundown Rednecks Knob Noster Oct 07 Rundown Rednecks
Cantaloupe City Knob Noster Oct 13 Cantaloupe City
Fred Wickham Music Knob Noster Oct 13 Fred Wickham Music
Knock Kneed Sally Knob Noster Oct 14 Knock Kneed Sally
John D. Hale Band Knob Noster Oct 14 John D. Hale Band
Seventh Day Slumber Knob Noster Oct 21 Seventh Day Slumber, Consumed by Fire, Manic Drive and 2 more...