Kinsale, Ireland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Kinsale

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Band Anna Kinsale Aug 19 The Band Anna
Bunoscionn Kinsale Aug 19 Bunoscionn
The Love BUGS Kinsale Aug 20 The Love BUGS
CrowBlackChicken Kinsale Aug 20 CrowBlackChicken
Boris Kinsale Aug 21 Boris
Christine B. Phelan Kinsale Aug 23 Christine B. Phelan
Junior Cert Results Night Kinsale Aug 24 Junior Cert Results Night
Pogodno Kinsale Aug 24 Pogodno, Pogodno
Grant-Lee Phillips Kinsale Aug 24 Grant-Lee Phillips
The Art Crimes Band Kinsale Aug 24 The Art Crimes Band
Order Of The Mess Kinsale Aug 25 Order Of The Mess, Order Of The Mess, Horse and 1 more...
The Riptide Movement Kinsale Aug 25 The Riptide Movement
Marlene Enright Kinsale Aug 25 Marlene Enright
Jack O Rourke Kinsale Aug 25 Jack O Rourke
Cork Bangers Kinsale Aug 25 Cork Bangers
Conjuring Fate Kinsale Aug 26 Conjuring Fate
Brian Lalor Kinsale Aug 31 Brian Lalor, Twitch Jnr, Devils Bit and 2 more...
Big Generator Kinsale Sep 01 Big Generator
Shope Kinsale Sep 02 Shope
Tori Amos Kinsale Sep 06 Tori Amos