Kent, United Kingdom
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Kent

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Sarah McQuaid Kent Sep 26 Sarah McQuaid
New Kingston Kent Sep 27 New Kingston, The Skints
The Forum presents Kent Sep 27 The Forum presents
The Brackish Kent Sep 27 The Brackish, The Brackish, Chroma
The Skints Kent Sep 27 The Skints
Peter Edwards Music Kent Sep 27 Peter Edwards Music, Peter Edwards Trio
The Mae Trio Kent Sep 28 The Mae Trio
Jack The Envious Kent Sep 28 Jack The Envious, Jack The Envious, Chaos Reigns
Bridge The Dark Kent Sep 28 Bridge The Dark
Squeeze Kent Sep 28 Squeeze
The Skints Kent Sep 28 The Skints
New Kingston Kent Sep 28 New Kingston
Derek Acorah Kent Sep 28 Derek Acorah
Hands Off Gretel Kent Sep 28 Hands Off Gretel, The Muffin Heads
Marsicans Kent Sep 28 Marsicans
The Muffin Heads Kent Sep 28 The Muffin Heads
the Maension Kent Sep 28 the Maension, THE MÆNSION, Armifera and 2 more...
Armifera Kent Sep 28 Armifera
Dramalove Kent Sep 28 Dramalove