Kendal, United Kingdom
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Chris Wood Kendal Nov 22 Chris Wood
Lau Kendal Nov 23 Lau
Betsy Kendal Nov 24 Betsy
Sonia Stein Kendal Nov 24 Sonia Stein
Roving Crows Kendal Nov 24 Roving Crows
The Washboard Resonators Kendal Nov 24 The Washboard Resonators
Darkside - The Pink Floyd Show Kendal Nov 25 Darkside - The Pink Floyd Show
Promethium Kendal Nov 25 Promethium
Hamerex Kendal Nov 25 Hamerex, Promethium, Hamerex
Alex Hulme Kendal Nov 26 Alex Hulme
Martha Tilston Kendal Nov 26 Martha Tilston
Sold To The Sky Kendal Nov 26 Sold To The Sky
Hilang Child Kendal Nov 27 Hilang Child, Lowly, Hilang Child
Lowly Kendal Nov 27 Lowly
Peggy Seeger Kendal Nov 30 Peggy Seeger
Peggy Seeger First Time Ever Tour Kendal Nov 30 Peggy Seeger First Time Ever Tour
Double Experience Kendal Dec 01 Double Experience
Joe McCorriston Kendal Dec 01 Joe McCorriston, Joe McCorriston
Dave Giles Kendal Dec 01 Dave Giles, Joe McCorriston, Nick Parker and 1 more...
The Blockbuster Blues Kendal Dec 01 The Blockbuster Blues