Keene, NH
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Keene

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Wheelhouse Karaoke Keene Nov 22 Wheelhouse Karaoke
Yellowman Keene Nov 22 Yellowman
Rhythm Incorporated Keene Nov 22 Rhythm Incorporated
Pinedrop Keene Nov 22 Pinedrop
Carissa Johnson Keene Nov 22 Carissa Johnson, Vanessa Silberman, Marked and 1 more...
NRBQ Keene Nov 24 NRBQ
Patty Keene Nov 24 Patty
The Cakes Keene Nov 24 The Cakes
The Ben Cote Band Keene Nov 25 The Ben Cote Band
The Green Sisters Keene Nov 25 The Green Sisters
Roger Salloom Keene Nov 25 Roger Salloom
Zoe Darrow Keene Nov 25 Zoe Darrow
Ben Fuller Music Keene Nov 25 Ben Fuller Music
Michael Spaulding Keene Nov 25 Michael Spaulding
Danny Pease and the Regulators Keene Nov 25 Danny Pease and the Regulators, Shantyman
Silverthorne Theater Keene Nov 26 Silverthorne Theater
Silverthorne Theater Co. Keene Nov 26 Silverthorne Theater Co.
Rumba Caliente Keene Nov 26 Rumba Caliente
Wheelhouse Karaoke Keene Nov 29 Wheelhouse Karaoke
The Wheelhouse Keene Nov 29 The Wheelhouse