Kasson, MN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Root River Jam Kasson Sep 20 Root River Jam
Lorin Walker Madsen Kasson Sep 20 Lorin Walker Madsen
Matthew Smith Kasson Sep 21 Matthew Smith, Matthew Will Also Give A Seminar On Hymns At 5 PM.
Ventura Highway Kasson Sep 21 Ventura Highway
Sven-Erik Olsen Kasson Sep 22 Sven-Erik Olsen, Dusty Heart, John Magnuson
Almighty American Kasson Sep 22 Almighty American, Miriam Has me
Lucy Wainwright Roche Kasson Sep 22 Lucy Wainwright Roche
cole allen Kasson Sep 22 cole allen
Hair Metal Radio Kasson Sep 22 Hair Metal Radio
Mustard Daze Festival Kasson Sep 23 Mustard Daze Festival
St. Andrew's Sisters Kasson Sep 23 St. Andrew's Sisters
Ventura Highway Kasson Sep 23 Ventura Highway
Nite Shift Kasson Sep 23 Nite Shift
The El Caminos Kasson Sep 23 The El Caminos
Starset Kasson Sep 26 Starset, Halestorm
Halestorm Kasson Sep 26 Halestorm, Starset, New Years Day
New Years Day Kasson Sep 26 New Years Day
Ian Alexy Kasson Sep 27 Ian Alexy
cole allen Kasson Sep 29 cole allen
Fabulous Armadillos Kasson Sep 29 Fabulous Armadillos