Johannesburg, MI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Hail Your Highness Johannesburg Sep 23 Hail Your Highness, Dude Man Sir, ORO and 3 more...
Alex Mendenall Johannesburg Sep 29 Alex Mendenall, Chris Plumhoff
The Whiskey Charmers Johannesburg Sep 30 The Whiskey Charmers
Rachel Brooke Johannesburg Oct 06 Rachel Brooke
Escaping Pavement Johannesburg Oct 13 Escaping Pavement
Gifts or Creatures Johannesburg Oct 14 Gifts or Creatures
Brothers Walker Johannesburg Oct 16 Brothers Walker, Doug Johnson Live
Jeremy Arndt Music Johannesburg Oct 20 Jeremy Arndt Music
Jeremy Arndt Music Johannesburg Oct 21 Jeremy Arndt Music
4 One Quartet Johannesburg Oct 22 4 One Quartet
Jeremy Arndt Music Johannesburg Oct 22 Jeremy Arndt Music
Alex Mendenall Johannesburg Oct 27 Alex Mendenall
Lance Lipinsky & the Lovers Johannesburg Nov 04 Lance Lipinsky & the Lovers
Olivia Millerschin Johannesburg Nov 11 Olivia Millerschin
Rachel Brooke Johannesburg Nov 17 Rachel Brooke
Alex Mendenall Johannesburg Nov 18 Alex Mendenall
The Way Down Wanderers Johannesburg Jan 20, 2018 The Way Down Wanderers
Freddy & Francine Johannesburg Apr 13, 2018 Freddy & Francine
4 One Quartet Johannesburg Aug 26, 2018 4 One Quartet