Jerome, ID
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Tylor & the Train Robbers Jerome Sep 23 Tylor & the Train Robbers
Marilyn's Bar Jerome Sep 23 Marilyn's Bar, Tylor & the Train Robbers
Tylor & the Train Robbers Jerome Sep 24 Tylor & the Train Robbers
Bobaflex Jerome Sep 24 Bobaflex, Beitthemeans
Beitthemeans Jerome Sep 24 Beitthemeans, Bobaflex
Vault7 Jerome Sep 24 Vault7
October Rage Jerome Sep 24 October Rage, Bobaflex
Best 303 Sounds Jerome Sep 24 Best 303 Sounds, October Rage
The Barking Owls Jerome Sep 25 The Barking Owls
Toney Rocks Jerome Sep 27 Toney Rocks
Toney Rocks Jerome Sep 29 Toney Rocks
Eric May Music Jerome Sep 29 Eric May Music
Lyricidal - aka Psalm Jerome Sep 29 Lyricidal - aka Psalm
Eric May Music Jerome Sep 30 Eric May Music
Trapt Jerome Oct 01 Trapt
Black Oxygen Jerome Oct 01 Black Oxygen
Sick Puppies Jerome Oct 01 Sick Puppies
Make America Rock Jerome Oct 01 Make America Rock
Adelitas Way Jerome Oct 01 Adelitas Way
JonEmery Music Jerome Oct 02 JonEmery Music, Sissy Brown, JonEmery Dodds Music