Ithaca, MI
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Ithaca

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Chirp Ithaca Sep 29 Chirp
Alma Artist Booking & Management Ithaca Sep 29 Alma Artist Booking & Management, B-the Underwater Bubble Show
Chris Laskos Ithaca Sep 29 Chris Laskos
Paddlebots Ithaca Sep 29 Paddlebots, Paddlebots, Chirp
The Dangling Participles Ithaca Sep 30 The Dangling Participles
Brian Coonan Ithaca Sep 30 Brian Coonan
John Berry Ithaca Oct 05 John Berry
Dixon's Violin Ithaca Oct 06 Dixon's Violin
Chirp Ithaca Oct 06 Chirp
Paddlebots Ithaca Oct 06 Paddlebots
Foreigner Ithaca Oct 06 Foreigner
Ott Ithaca Oct 07 Ott
The Receiver Ithaca Oct 07 The Receiver
Brenda Loomis Band Ithaca Oct 07 Brenda Loomis Band
Foreigner Ithaca Oct 07 Foreigner
The Stick Arounds Ithaca Oct 07 The Stick Arounds
RedVelvet Ithaca Oct 07 RedVelvet
Brenda Loomis Band Ithaca Oct 08 Brenda Loomis Band
John Berry Ithaca Oct 08 John Berry
Slushii Ithaca Oct 12 Slushii