Ispra, Italy
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
SHO Ispra Sep 23 SHO
Justin Garcia Ispra Sep 23 Justin Garcia
Edwin One Man Band Ispra Sep 23 Edwin One Man Band
Brian Wahlstrom Ispra Sep 23 Brian Wahlstrom
Joey Cape Ispra Sep 23 Joey Cape
Matteo Arcucci Ispra Sep 23 Matteo Arcucci
FAZ WALTZ Ispra Sep 23 FAZ WALTZ, Gli Impossibili, MSTR and 3 more...
Uto Ughi Ispra Sep 23 Uto Ughi
The Monkey Weather Ispra Sep 23 The Monkey Weather
Kuadra Ispra Sep 23 Kuadra
Socs Rock Ispra Sep 23 Socs Rock
Riccardo Crespi Ispra Sep 23 Riccardo Crespi
Andrea Della Valle Ispra Sep 23 Andrea Della Valle, Trve, Andrea Della Valle and 2 more...
Fred De Palma Ispra Sep 23 Fred De Palma
Tommy J Gren Ispra Sep 23 Tommy J Gren, Parsifal
Yvonne Mwale Ispra Sep 24 Yvonne Mwale
Levi Parham Ispra Sep 25 Levi Parham
Little Mons†ers Fan Club Ispra Sep 26 Little Mons†ers Fan Club
sara velardo Ispra Sep 27 sara velardo
Mirko Paoloni Ispra Sep 27 Mirko Paoloni