Hyrum, UT
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Shenandoah Hyrum Sep 22 Shenandoah
Breezeway Hyrum Sep 22 Breezeway
Brewskis Hyrum Sep 22 Brewskis
Brothers Brimm Hyrum Sep 22 Brothers Brimm
Young Valley Hyrum Sep 23 Young Valley
THE JOHNNY UTAHS Hyrum Sep 23 THE JOHNNY UTAHS, Young Valley Band, Tony Holiday and the Velvetones and 2 more...
Troubadour77 Hyrum Sep 23 Troubadour77
Michelle Moonshine Hyrum Sep 23 Michelle Moonshine
Brewskis Hyrum Sep 23 Brewskis
Best 303 Sounds Hyrum Sep 25 Best 303 Sounds, Suspension 9
El Dub Music Hyrum Sep 28 El Dub Music
Dead Meadow Hyrum Sep 28 Dead Meadow
Green River Blues Hyrum Sep 28 Green River Blues
The Spiral Jetties Hyrum Sep 28 The Spiral Jetties
Marla Stone Hyrum Sep 28 Marla Stone
Utah State Aggies Football Hyrum Sep 29 Utah State Aggies Football
BYU Cougars Football Hyrum Sep 29 BYU Cougars Football
El Dub Music Hyrum Sep 29 El Dub Music
Brewskis Hyrum Sep 29 Brewskis
The Pour Hyrum Sep 30 The Pour