Hranice, Czech Republic
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Serious Black_official Hranice Sep 23 Serious Black_official, Serious Black , Herman Frank, Stormhammer
Crystalepsy Hranice Sep 23 Crystalepsy
Jesper Hranice Sep 23 Jesper
Hybrid Minds Hranice Sep 27 Hybrid Minds
Dj Namaas Hranice Sep 27 Dj Namaas
Changing Facesᵈᵑᵇ Hranice Sep 27 Changing Facesᵈᵑᵇ
PayaNoia Hranice Sep 28 PayaNoia, Bran, Lenny and 5 more...
Forbidden Society Hranice Sep 29 Forbidden Society
Computerartist Hranice Sep 29 Computerartist
Michele Cavalletto (CavallettoSound Official) Hranice Sep 29 Michele Cavalletto (CavallettoSound Official)
nFiX & Candice Hranice Sep 30 nFiX & Candice
dj raptor Hranice Sep 30 dj raptor
Veľká Potreba Hranice Sep 30 Veľká Potreba, GARAGE & TONY DUCHACEK, Veľká Potreba
L PLUS Hranice Sep 30 L PLUS
GoGo Penguin Hranice Oct 03 GoGo Penguin
Aga Derlak Trio Hranice Oct 04 Aga Derlak Trio
The Agonist Hranice Oct 04 The Agonist
Crystalepsy Hranice Oct 06 Crystalepsy
Matamar Hranice Oct 06 Matamar
Forbidden Society Hranice Oct 06 Forbidden Society