Holte, Denmark
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Sahra Da Silva Holte Sep 26 Sahra Da Silva
Peter Brander Holte Sep 28 Peter Brander
Wangel Holte Sep 29 Wangel
Niels Skousen Holte Sep 29 Niels Skousen
Musikforeningen Bygningen Holte Sep 29 Musikforeningen Bygningen
Mike Andersen Holte Sep 29 Mike Andersen
Søs Fenger Holte Sep 29 Søs Fenger
Poul Halberg Holte Sep 29 Poul Halberg
Die Herren Holte Sep 29 Die Herren
Musikforeningen Bygningen Holte Sep 30 Musikforeningen Bygningen
Bo Evers Holte Sep 30 Bo Evers
Kasper Winding Holte Sep 30 Kasper Winding
SO 90's Holte Sep 30 SO 90's
Esben & The Beautiful Addiction Holte Sep 30 Esben & The Beautiful Addiction
Kurt Ravn Holte Oct 01 Kurt Ravn
Ann Mette Elten Holte Oct 01 Ann Mette Elten
David Rovics Holte Oct 02 David Rovics
Electric Guitars Holte Oct 05 Electric Guitars
baSix Holte Oct 05 baSix
Musikforeningen Bygningen Holte Oct 05 Musikforeningen Bygningen