Holstebro, Denmark
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
NOAH med band Holstebro Sep 21 NOAH med band
Shu-bi or not Shu-bi Holstebro Sep 23 Shu-bi or not Shu-bi
Anne Dorte Holstebro Sep 23 Anne Dorte
Maria fra Tøsedrengene Holstebro Sep 23 Maria fra Tøsedrengene
Hush Holstebro Sep 26 Hush
Chris Minh Doky Holstebro Sep 28 Chris Minh Doky
Nabiha Holstebro Sep 28 Nabiha
Hardinger Band Holstebro Sep 30 Hardinger Band
DJ Morten Holstebro Sep 30 DJ Morten
Rabalder - Gasolin' & Kim Larsen Kopi Holstebro Sep 30 Rabalder - Gasolin' & Kim Larsen Kopi
Artur Tuznik Holstebro Oct 01 Artur Tuznik
Nabiha Holstebro Oct 05 Nabiha
Ida Corr Holstebro Oct 06 Ida Corr
Almost Irish Holstebro Oct 06 Almost Irish
Coldplace Holstebro Oct 06 Coldplace
The Doors Alive Holstebro Oct 07 The Doors Alive, The Doors Alive
Rabalder - Gasolin' & Kim Larsen Kopi Holstebro Oct 07 Rabalder - Gasolin' & Kim Larsen Kopi
Sko/Torp Holstebro Oct 07 Sko/Torp
Joseph Haydn Holstebro Oct 10 Joseph Haydn
Joseph Haydn Holstebro Oct 11 Joseph Haydn