Hollola, Finland
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Santa Cruz Hollola Aug 25 Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz (Official) Hollola Aug 25 Santa Cruz (Official)
Pepe Ahlqvist Hollola Aug 25 Pepe Ahlqvist
Mikael Gabriel Hollola Aug 26 Mikael Gabriel
Rony Rex Hollola Aug 26 Rony Rex
Sinfonia Lahti Hollola Aug 30 Sinfonia Lahti
Sinfonia Lahti Hollola Aug 31 Sinfonia Lahti
Pepe Ahlqvist Hollola Sep 01 Pepe Ahlqvist
Sinfonia Lahti Hollola Sep 01 Sinfonia Lahti
Sinfonia Lahti Hollola Sep 02 Sinfonia Lahti
Jonne Aaron Hollola Sep 02 Jonne Aaron
Sinfonia Lahti Hollola Sep 03 Sinfonia Lahti
The Blanko Hollola Sep 08 The Blanko, My First Band, The Blanko
Lahden Kaupunginteatteri Hollola Sep 09 Lahden Kaupunginteatteri
Anssi Kela Hollola Sep 09 Anssi Kela
Winning Team Hollola Sep 09 Winning Team
Herra Ylppö Hollola Sep 16 Herra Ylppö
Ihmiset Hollola Sep 16 Ihmiset
Your Royal Madness Hollola Sep 16 Your Royal Madness, Your Royal Madness, Horizon of the Mute and 1 more...