Heredia, Costa Rica
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Heredia

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
TALAWA reggae roots band Heredia Sep 23 TALAWA reggae roots band
Powerotik Heredia Sep 30 Powerotik
Hernan Cattaneo Heredia Sep 30 Hernan Cattaneo
The Wheelchair Guitarist Heredia Oct 01 The Wheelchair Guitarist
Powerotik Heredia Oct 06 Powerotik
Ancient sphereS Heredia Oct 14 Ancient sphereS, Hunab Ku, Black Whispers and 7 more...
Adolfo Bejarano Heredia Oct 14 Adolfo Bejarano, Ancient sphereS, Alastor Sanguinary Embryo and 7 more...
Nick  Monaco Heredia Oct 14 Nick Monaco
We Are One Tour Heredia Oct 15 We Are One Tour, Face to Face, Ignite and 3 more...
Much the Same Heredia Oct 15 Much the Same, Face to Face, Ignite and 1 more...
Face to Face Heredia Oct 15 Face to Face, Ignite, Much the Same and 2 more...
The Decline Heredia Oct 15 The Decline, Face to Face
Ignite Heredia Oct 15 Ignite, Much the Same
Fifth Harmony Heredia Oct 15 Fifth Harmony
D-Unity Heredia Oct 21 D-Unity
Helloween Heredia Oct 23 Helloween
Tigers Jaw Heredia Oct 27 Tigers Jaw
Generacion 12 Heredia Oct 28 Generacion 12
Satyricon Norway Heredia Nov 02 Satyricon Norway