Harmony, MN
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
cole allen Harmony Dec 02 cole allen
Wayward Harmony Dec 02 Wayward
Avey/Grouws Band Harmony Dec 08 Avey/Grouws Band
Avey/Grouws Band Harmony Dec 09 Avey/Grouws Band
The Lonely Knees Harmony Dec 09 The Lonely Knees
Tim Dallman Music Harmony Dec 23 Tim Dallman Music
Mac & Reino Harmony Dec 30 Mac & Reino
Avey/Grouws Band Harmony Dec 31 Avey/Grouws Band, Avey/Grouws Band, Owen Miller
Nite Shift Harmony Dec 31 Nite Shift
cole allen Harmony Jan 05, 2018 cole allen
AGAPE* (Dave Scherer) Harmony Jan 06, 2018 AGAPE* (Dave Scherer), Joe Davis
AGAPE* (Dave Scherer) Harmony Jan 07, 2018 AGAPE* (Dave Scherer), Joe Davis
The Accidentals Harmony Feb 08, 2018 The Accidentals
The Lonely Knees Harmony Feb 16, 2018 The Lonely Knees
Hair Metal Radio Harmony Feb 16, 2018 Hair Metal Radio
cole allen Harmony Feb 17, 2018 cole allen
Mac & Reino Harmony Feb 23, 2018 Mac & Reino
Mac & Reino Harmony Mar 16, 2018 Mac & Reino
cole allen Harmony Mar 24, 2018 cole allen
Connor Garvey Music Harmony Apr 14, 2018 Connor Garvey Music