Haren, Netherlands
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Haren

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
The Toasters Haren Dec 12 The Toasters
Swing Glöckchen Haren Dec 12 Swing Glöckchen
FC Groningen Haren Dec 13 FC Groningen
Lady Bee Haren Dec 13 Lady Bee
Weval Haren Dec 13 Weval
Torii Haren Dec 13 Torii, Weval
Classical Christmas met Jan Vayne Haren Dec 14 Classical Christmas met Jan Vayne
Hans Hannemann Haren Dec 15 Hans Hannemann
Elles Bailey Haren Dec 15 Elles Bailey
Friedrich Heinrich Kern Haren Dec 15 Friedrich Heinrich Kern
Living Room Heroes Haren Dec 15 Living Room Heroes
Raggertjes Haren Dec 15 Raggertjes
Lucie Chartin soprano Haren Dec 15 Lucie Chartin soprano
KarNac Music Haren Dec 15 KarNac Music
City of Life Haren Dec 15 City of Life
Silent Servant Haren Dec 15 Silent Servant
Vladimir Ivkovic Haren Dec 15 Vladimir Ivkovic
Latelier Haren Dec 15 Latelier
Tjade Haren Dec 15 Tjade
Jim Lok Haren Dec 15 Jim Lok