Guinda, CA
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

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Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
┬┐Qiensave? Guinda Sep 23 ┬┐Qiensave?, La Yerba Ruda
Country 4 Coaches Guinda Sep 23 Country 4 Coaches
Mark Mackay Guinda Sep 23 Mark Mackay
The Novelists Guinda Sep 23 The Novelists
Honk Jr. Guinda Sep 23 Honk Jr.
Ryan Scott Long Guinda Sep 23 Ryan Scott Long
Jayson Angove Guinda Sep 24 Jayson Angove, Rock On Live Band Karaoke
Honk Jr. Guinda Sep 24 Honk Jr.
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood Guinda Sep 28 Lydia Pense & Cold Blood
Amanda Gray Guinda Sep 29 Amanda Gray
Element Brass Band Guinda Sep 29 Element Brass Band
Matthew Szlachetka Guinda Sep 29 Matthew Szlachetka
Shaky Hand String Band Guinda Sep 30 Shaky Hand String Band
St Helena A Cappella Festival Concert Guinda Sep 30 St Helena A Cappella Festival Concert
The House Jacks Guinda Sep 30 The House Jacks
ZP Theart (Official) Guinda Sep 30 ZP Theart (Official), Skid Row
Anna Wilson Guinda Oct 01 Anna Wilson, monty powell, Billy Dean and 4 more...
Miss Lonely Hearts Guinda Oct 01 Miss Lonely Hearts
La Orquesta El Vucko Guinda Oct 01 La Orquesta El Vucko